About us

CARMAN, formerly John L. Carman and Associates, was founded in 1980 with a philosophy of providing sensitive planning and design with an eye for the integration of technically sound responses to the natural and built environment.  We have met the challenges of this philosophy with a broad range of experience with both the public and private sector.  The commitment of our Landscape Architectural and Civil Engineering staff to each client has gained our firm the reputation of meeting unique demands of complex and challenging projects.  Our staff listens to our clients and creates an understanding of their needs.

CARMAN has the experience and qualifications to approach an assignment in a comprehensive manner.  We integrate creativity and technical expertise with an understanding of both small and large-scale environments.  The integration of Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Environmental Planning and Civil Engineering places our staff in a unique position to provide quality and timely consultation.

The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards,  The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, Kentucky Erosion and Sediment Prevention Controls and The United States Green Building Council have certified and accredited members of the staff of CARMAN.

CARMAN is Pre-Qualified by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways in Rural and Urban Roadway Design, Construction Services and Bikeway Planning.
The Landscape Architectural and Civil Engineering staff at CARMAN provides comprehensive site design, land planning, and site/civil engineering services to a broad spectrum of clientele.

CARMAN‘s main office is located in Lexington, Kentucky with a satellite office located in Louisville, Kentucky.  These two locations allow CARMAN to serve a broader geographical area without compromise to the time and attention we provide to our valuable clientele.

The CARMAN staff of Landscape Architectural and Civil Engineering professionals take pride in creating and integrating the natural and built environments for people and the protection of the natural, indigenous resources of those environments.  The CARMAN office has a long history of creating award winning Sustainable environments used for a variety of purposes such as Education, Recreation and Place-making in the Public Realm.

Professional Services Provided by CARMAN

The staff at CARMAN prides themselves in integrating a full range of site design services into their daily practice of improving the quality of both the natural and built environment.  From the creation of a natural wildlife habitat to the development of a planned commercial centre, the experienced staff of Landscape Architects at CARMAN provides sensitive solutions to specific site conditions and user needs.  Uses of the landscape including Recreational, Institutional, Industrial, Housing, Educational, and Municipal facilities are adapted and created by our staff within the context of their site without compromising efficient, economical design.  Our firm provides quality consulting services to Federal, State, and Local Governments; private developers; school boards; and architects in an integrated team method to gain maximum results.

Strategies and directions for long-range comprehensive planning of an environment are fundamental to the success of the development of both large and small-scale environments.  Our staff provides award-winning management and master plans for a variety of projects that are anticipated to be long-term in their development process.  The foresight and perception of site development needs of a community, region, or specific environment are integrated into a planned scheme that is mapped into priorities, phases, and logical approaches for the best outcome.  Large-scale industrial developments, university/college campuses, State Parks, and planned unit developments are all land uses that have been planned for long-range development by CARMAN.  The ability to demonstrate specific impacts to long-range planning by performing Environmental Assessments, Scenic and Visual Assessments, Economic Feasibility, and Action Planning are all associated land planning functions offered by CARMAN.

As a comprehensive site design consultant, CARMAN offers Civil Engineering as a means to provide quality, functional design solutions.  The Civil Engineering staff recognizes the need to engage technical workability into each and every design solution and strives to integrate pragmatic engineering needs of infrastructure, storm water management, and utilities without compromising quality design and insuring technically efficient results.