Wellington Elementary

As landscape architect and civil engineer, CARMAN collaborated closely with the Fayette County Board of Education to develop plans for a new elementary school located in southwest Lexington. 

Wellington Elementary School is unique in that the design and construction team has followed the High Performance Building Standard outlined by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This important design consideration will promote the school as a sustainable, green development and asset to the community. 

CARMAN specifically designed and engineered permeable pavement systems in the vehicular circulation areas, choreographed planting beds with native plant material, and assisted in building orientation and placement for ideal daylighting, wind protection and drainage opportunities.  A 50,000 gallon cistern was installed on-site for the capture of both roof and site stormwater and is used for non-potable toilet flushing.

The school site has been recognized as a model for innovation and sustainability which includes the treatment of site design components.  The site is considered a zero discharge site for stormwater with the use of creative drainage and detention techniques with pavement and bioengineering systems.