Decca Restaurant

Decca Restaurant located in a 137-year-old building, was transformed from an empty storefront into a multi-level restaurant and outdoor dining area.   CARMAN collaborated with Tucker Booker + Donhoff Architects and Norris Property and provided comprehensive site design for the restaurant development.  The project included the renovation and adaptive reuse of a historic building and the associate site located on Market Street in the NuLu District located east of downtown Louisville. The courtyard functions as three separate, yet interconnected spaces.  The first, a gathering and lounge area with fire pit, a curved seat wall for informal seating and a water feature to provide white noise.  Moving into the courtyard provides for formal seating and dining area.  The rear area of the courtyard provides a secluded area for private parties as well as an informal stage for live music and other performance gatherings.  The concept behind the courtyard was to create a pocket oasis in the midst of a harsh urban environment.  Unique features include the curvilinear design and seating pods, a meandering water feature, a slightly sunken area with a built-in gas fire bowl, custom stone benches and lush landscaping.