Big Bone Lick State Park

CARMAN was commissioned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Parks to provide plans for the development of an interpretive trail system at Big Bone Lick State Park. The main objective was to embrace the existing natural environment while providing  walking trails and observation areas. CARMAN responded to the challenge of seasonal flooding conditions with innovative construction methods that preserved the integrity of the site and boardwalks, as well as addressing related environmental issues with the restoration of native grasslands and savannas. The plan also provides the opportunity for a long-range botanical study and restoration along the interpretive trails within the park. CARMAN engaged the services of Chase Studio, an exhibit design and fabrication consultant, to provide a historically accurate diorama which displays full scale models of a mastodon, a woolly sloth, bison and other prehistoric artifact models depicting a bog scene. The exhibit feature is located in an accessible upland location of the existing wooded area. Fully accessible trails wind throughout the botanical demonstration areas and lead to an amphitheater / outdoor classroom that overlooks the diorama and the remainder of the park. The project was awarded a Design Honor Award by the Kentucky Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.