Cycle Corbin - Bikeway Master Plan

Working with the City of Corbin, CARMAN developed The Cycle Corbin Bikeway Master Plan with the goal of creating a bike-friendly network in Corbin’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.  In addition, Corbin’s bikeway system is designed to link Corbin to Kentucky Bike Tours, a statewide bikeway system which connects Kentucky’s historic and environmental landmarks. In order to provide a clear assessment of Corbin, an inventory of traffic patterns, circulation patterns and existing transportation infrastructure was gathered using GIS spatial data and on-site observations.  Site visits and a photographic inventory, along with information gathered at Community Stakeholder Meetings provided a thorough assessment of Corbin’s existing infrastructure and community desires. The master plan consists of three types of bikeways to accommodate active and passive cyclists: bike paths, which run along a stream in an existing park for inexperienced cyclists; designated bike lanes, which connect downtown to the park system and shared lanes, for experienced commuter cyclists provide visual clues for vehicles and cyclists.  Cycle Corbin will provide a safer cycling environment for each type of cyclist. The Cycle Corbin Master Plan also outlines design strategies to create a comprehensive bike plan, including wayfinding signage throughout the bike system and traffic calming devices, like bump-outs, in the downtown corridor, for example.  Other recommendations include installing public art and landscaping at carefully selected points of interest along the trails to create an aesthetically appealing and inviting setting for visitors. Utilizing these design elements help create a safe, fluid bike route system that is unique to Corbin.