East Market Street – NuLu Streetscape

The East Market Street – NuLu Streetscape project is one of strategy and development – a plan that encompasses the feelings of its people and the direction forged by its landscape, architecture and culture.  The ten block section that is being designed in this serves as a foundation to development throughout the East Market District and in fact has become part of a comprehensive downtown development connectivity.  The endeavor to improve economic development through tourism, increased business participation and destination businesses has been paramount with the streetscape strategies and physical development.  Creating uniqueness in the District without compromise to the current character is the vision of the Districts users, residents, businesses and City officials.  A destination street since Louisville’s founding, Market Street has played host to a variety of businesses throughout the city’s history that have drawn Louisvillians for generations to this emerging hip, arts and entertainment district. The office of CARMAN, a Landscape Architectural, Urban Planning and Civil Engineering company located in the East Market Street Gallery District, is serving as the Prime Landscape Architectural and Civil Engineering consultant on the 10 block corridor enhancement project.  Street rooms and galleries for socialization for the entertainment area were created in addition to creating entertainment corridors along the alleys paralleling East Market Street to the north and south.  A primary objective of the project is the use of green infrastructure along the corridor to minimize the stormwater discharge into the combined sewer system along the corridor.  Through the creative use of infiltration gardens, runoff from streets, parking areas, buildings and alleys is being captured that significantly reduces the impact to the existing sewer infrastructure. Through the efforts of the CARMAN office, a Technical Assistance grant was awarded to the neighborhood by the Global Green organization. This effort in addition to incentive funding by the Metropolitan Sewer District is allowing the neighborhood to pursue a certification for LEED – Neighborhood Development. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2015 with an estimated completion date of Fall 2016.